MilSpouse Home Decor

Jun 21, 2019 · 1 min read
Service members are either preparing to deploy, deployed, or recovering from deployment. So it is with military spouses who are either preparing to move, moving, or recovering from moving. This irritating reality means that military spouses could necessarily be professional decorators or designers.

Decorating in military families often requires some creativity. The decorating at a previous station might not necessarily fit with the new house at the new station. That really awesome piece of furniture you bought in Germany or that cool piece of pottery from Poland? Yep, destroyed by movers who just shrug it off and tell you file a claim. Your household goods at your 3,000 square foot home at Fort Bragg? Yeah, um, you can’t fit all that stuff in your new townhouse in Fairfax County, Virginia, let alone your apartment in Wiesbaden.

And what do we do with leftover paint, stain, lumber, broken household goods, and other materials? Military families are good at being frugal, using the resources available, and picking up the literal and figurative pieces of military lifestyle. So, we’ve decided to start sharing with you some of our experiences with decorating projects, do-it-yourself ideas, and fun repurposing.

In our new link on our page, Home Decor Ideas, you’ll see an old door, some leftover paint and stain, a broken chair, a spare piece of plywood, and other remnants of past permanent changes of station all used for new ideas to bring a little shape, color, and joy to whatever home, state, or country we happen to be living in.

We hope our ideas spark some ideas of your own, and if you have any questions about any of the projects on our page, just message us on Facebook. Remember, when you see that irreparably damaged chair or other keepsake, a little creativity could turn it into something new and wonderful.

Water and Light! (And a little imagination).