Welcome to Big Water!

Jun 21, 2019 · 1 min read
I am so excited to present Big Water Gallery to you all! Big Water is a 100% Military Spouse-owned art and photography gallery. The name originates from the Ojibwe word for Michigan, mishigamaa, which means “large water.” Michigan is an important place because it’s our home, and it’s where we began our military journey.

Over a twenty-year career, people have often told me that at some point I should publish some of my work. We have captured images from around the world, some beautiful and amazing, and some frightening and devastating. Big Water will be a place to show images that inspire, offer hope, calm the senses, and remind us of the beauty in the world.

Along the way, collectively as a family, we’ve experienced over twenty countries and thirty states recording thousands of images. We’ve seen the grandeur of the Pacific Ocean, the majesty of the Alps, small villages in France, ancient buildings in Croatia, the beautiful simplicity of the Middle East, the exotic Silk Road, the resiliency of Haiti, and everything in between. It’s fitting, however, that our first gallery we want to show you is in Michigan. Through it all, our home state has been an anchor as we move from place to place.

Being a military spouse comes with enormous challenges. The broken furniture and broken hearts, the frequent separations, saying goodbyes, the loss of friends, children who don’t understand and parents that can’t explain adequately, lots of tears, and lots of rediscovery to name a few. But, we have also witnessed some breathtaking scenes. We would like to share some of these scenes with you.

Sitting on the banks of Lake Michigan, I have always been awed by the beauty and power of water. The light of the sun and moon reflect off the water like no other place. The sounds of the waves crashing against the beach (if you’re in St. Joseph) or the rocks (if you’re in Leelanau) are natural anti-depressants. Regardless of what is going on in the world, the lake is always there. The sounds are the same. The way the water runs across your toes are the same. The wind and sun on your face are the same.

I want to thank you all for your interest in Big Water. Check back frequently while we continue to chronicle this crazy lifestyle.

Water and Light!